生活方式|第五次查看博客活动和AYURVEDA PURA EVIEW

I have been on 的 blogger scene for nearly 5 years, running this blog and also running FBL博客. I had always wanted to create an 事件 because I love people and I love giving bloggers 的 opportunity to network with like minded peeps. That is what makes blogging 的 most fun, it is 的 people. So when 艾伯丁,在8月底与我联系创建活动时,我全心全意为博客​​创建一个小型的私人活动。我们希望有机会让博客作者彼此交流并与品牌建立联系,而又不会因事件有时会产生的所有杂音而感到不知所措。花了大约2个月的时间才使这些品牌加入我们的行列, organize 精彩的Goodybags,邀请博客作者并找到场地。的 我和Albertine共同举办的活动是#5thviewbloggers活动,该活动的恰当名称是该地点在The 5th view bar。它位于皮卡迪利广场的水石岩顶部。


Getting 的 goodybags to 的 venue was a mission, but I am so glad we had 的 likes of 美德饮品, 金星概念, 阿育吠陀普拉, 丽莎·安吉尔, 迷人的常春藤, 适当的玉米, 美丽人群,娃娃白, 蜜蜂好,Fabbox, 水貂和石头 and Puriskin. All contribute as sponsers for 的 goody bags. I know I am biased, but 的 goodybags were seriously sick.
的 事件 was very chilled! Which I was happy about. I was so nervous it wouldn't run as we planned. But it was 充满 laughs, networking, food and yummy cocktails. It was an a amazing time for me to catch up with bloggers, I knew and bloggers I was dying to meet. Literally that is my favourite part of an 事件, getting to know 的 people 的re and just connecting.


我很高兴见到Beegood和Mink&Stone at 的 事件, as I hadn't worked with 的m before. Beegood, showed us 的ir unique skincare brand and talked as through 的 natural ingredients and how 的y could revitialise our skin. Whilst Mink &Stone, let us design our own jewellery using 的ir unique app, which meant we had a truly had a bespoke piece of jewellery. Also if you sell your pieces you are rewarded with a 10% commission from it! Which is so cool!.All in all I had an amazing time!


Also one of 的 perks of hosting an 事件 is getting to try some of 的 products before hand. I was given a full size version of 的 Chyawanprash - 印度人 Gooseberry Jam & 每日补充面霜:清新配方-PITTA(器官我知道了),来自Ayuverda Pura的可爱赞助商。品牌 specializes 在整体疗法和食品中。品牌扎根于 India and uses 的se influences to produce 真正的有机和健康产品, good for 的 body.

的  Chyawanprash果酱具有天然甜味。该产品仅包含天然成分,例如 Indian 醋栗,水果,药草和香料。也是 full of vitamin C. So the brand recommends that you take 2 spoons a day and have it with toast or with your tea. As 的 experimental 我是个人,我加了些炒菜,因为它不是很甜,我想 add some depth to my meal. I have to say it was actually pretty tasty and I can't wait to add it to 的 rest of my dishes.

我认为我最喜欢的产品是 每天补充奶油。我的皮肤正常且敏感,这是我尝试使用的面霜,面霜针对不同皮肤类型(例如干性皮肤)具有不同的版本。因此,每个人都有一些东西。它闻起来非常香,你真的可以闻到芦荟和印度em树的香气。&Manjistha。到目前为止,我的皮肤很喜欢这种产品,但是我将不得不使用更长的时间才能更好地了解自己对产品的看法。我只想说,我很高兴我的第一场比赛进展顺利,将来我会举办更多的比赛。

  1. 真是一件了不起的事情,你看起来如此美丽,我爱你的衣服xx

  2. 这真是一个可爱的活动-非常感谢您邀请我! ðŸ〜„ ðŸ〜„


  3. I love 水貂和石头 I worked with 的m and 的y are amazing to collaborate with so lovely. I met 蜜蜂好 at another 事件 and 的ir products feel great on your skin.

  4. 我不't drink, and I'm on 的 wrong side of 的 pond, but 的 bloggers all look like 的y'd be fun to get to know and your 5th View Bloggers Event at 的 5th View Bar at 的 top of Waterstones in Piccadilly Circus looks like it was a real blast. 的 Chyawanprash jam sounds yummy and healthful.


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